Eco Efficient!

Our continues effort to work with Sustainable & Organic fabrics

About Fitoutpros

Established in 2019 with a mission to make eco efficient fashion. Fitoutpros is an export house engaged in the B2B manufacturing of Luxe high end ready-made garments. We are committed to serving our customer with ecofriendly and sustainable fabrics. The company is vibrant and dynamic organization where state of the art technology is standard in the business practice and communication. A high skilled and enthusiastic workforce strives to provide excellence in production, quality, and service.


Our Vision

Our vision is to introduce our customer to eco efficient fashion. We are using organic and ecofriendly fabrics, upcycling techniques to ensure 0 waste towards a sustainable future.

Our continue effort is to implement ethical business practices by reducing fashion wastage. We also recreate garment applying upcycling techniques which aims to transform the waste/left over fabrics into a unique piece that can be worn again in a new way.

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